‘Mowing Leaves of Grass’ Step Off! Radio: The Matt Sedillo Episode

For more than thirteen years Matt Sedillo has been one of the most outspoken and uncompromising contemporary political poets in the United States. Born in El Sereno, California in 1981, Matt Sedillo writes from the perspective of a second-generation Chicano born in an era where a continually diversifying population has witnessed continually dwindling opportunities and the deterioration of both the country’s infrastructure and economy firsthand. Since his debut, the two-time national slam poet, and the Literary Director for the dA Center of the Arts has crafted poetry that has been described as both fearless, and at times even confrontational. With his deep comprehension of U.S. history, Matt Sedillo has effortlessly blended humor, history, and political theory into his work serving as a reflection of the lived realities of many in this country face who face discrimination and bear the brunt of systemic racism and structural inequality. 

​The poetry of Matt Sedillo is juxtaposed between pure revolutionary adrenaline and the sobering call for the fundamental restructuring of our society that aligns in the interest of the people, not the wealthy elite. Ever walking a continuous tight rope, Matt Sedillo’s work is analytical, humorous, passionate, and above all sincere. Serving as a reminder that a new, more just, and equitable world is not only possible but necessary.​

During our discussion with Matt Sedillo, we were able to talk about his early years, the origins of his poetry career, his latest book Mowing Leaves of Grass, and his take on the current state of contemporary politics in the United States. With that said, we here at Step Off! Radio hope that you all enjoy our long-awaited conversation with Matt Sedillo!

Featured below is our full interview with Matt Sedillo available through our official SoundCloud page. You can listen and subscribe to Step Off! Radio on your preferred podcast streaming service by visiting our Podcast page. You can follow his social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Please be sure to rate and review the show!


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