About Us

Step Off! Magazine is one of the latest online magazines in San Diego! We breathe Hip-Hop music and culture. We aim to share our love of Hip-Hop with the community and gain a few new lovers of the music and the culture. Music, the universal expression brings people together so we hope to unite those of different backgrounds and walks of life together and start a conversation. We also publish in depth and well researched editorials that offer up social commentary on a variety of different social issues in hopes of shedding light on injustices that are perpetuated throughout our society. These goals aside, we also aim to create a platform for new artists, DJs/producers and performers. We believe that now more than ever, we must unite; and one of of those ways is through our shared loved of music, art and culture Step Off! Magazine is all about covering the news that affects us every day while conversely showcasing the best that Hip-Hop has to offer. We love Hip-Hop but above all, we love giving back to the community and through our work here at Step Off! Magazine we want to inspire our readers to make a difference in this world.

Meet the Team

IMG_1068Roberto ‘Rob’ Camacho is the co-founder and lead writer of Step Off! Magazine. He went to ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication where he majored in Mass Communication and Media Studies, along with a minor in Film Studies. He has been in love with Hip Hop for as long as he can remember. It’s his one true love. His other love is activism, regularly partaking and collaborating with other local activists. He believes in fighting for what is right and will never stand down. He also believes in working for the community. As a Chicano writer, he believes it is vital to come together and support one another in any way possible. He is thrilled that Step Off! Magazine can be active in this fight for justice.

IMG_9575Laura Alyn is the co-founder, web developer and Chief Financial Officer of Step Off! Magazine. She went to Pepperdine University where she worked on Pepperdine Law School’s website and was a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed business fraternity. Her life is always changing but the one thing that has remained constant is her love for music and her desire to help others. She is a frequent concert go-er and loves to attend music festivals. She has gone to see over 150 artists in her lifetime! She is a strong believer that music brings people together and brings out the best in people. She also truly believes that only way to bring about peace in the world is by having hard conversations and being able to express oneself. Step Off! Magazine is the perfect platform for that. She is so excited to have started Step Off! Magazine and can’t wait to see how far she can take it.

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