‘B’alam Yat’ Step Off! Radio: The S.K. Winter Yat Episode’

For the past several years, S.K. Winter Yat has made a name for himself in the ever expanding realm of New York’s infamous underground Hip-Hop scene. Hailing from Washington Heights, Manhattan and pulling influence from legendary Hip-Hop artists such as Nas, Big Pun, and the Notorious B.I.G., S.K. Winter Yat has slowly made a name for himself as a both a freelance journalist and an adept emcees.

Having worked with artists such as Kozmik Force, Rojoz, and releasing a string of mixtapes S.K winter Yat illustrated that the appreciation for raw rhymes and classic Boom Bap production still extends well outside on the boundaries of his native New York and the broader East Coast.

In today’s episode, S.K. Winter Yat joins Step Off! Radio to discuss the inspirations behind his music, growing up as a child in New York City, his path to becoming an emcee, his experience as a freelance journalist, and his latest EP FKISUTALKINBOUT. Likewise, we also got to discuss his Mayan ancestry, decolonization in Hip-Hop, and what the future holds for his music. So with that said, we are proud to present to you our conversation with S.K. Winter Yat.

Featured below is our full interview with S.K. Winter Yat available through our official SoundCloud page. You can listen and subscribe to Step Off! Radio on your preferred podcast streaming service by visiting our Podcast page. You can follow S.K. Winter Yat on Instagram and Twitter. Please make sure to rate and review the show!

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