‘Accosted by the Man’ Step Off! Radio: The Accosta the Man Episode

For the past five years musician and producer Accosta the Man has been one of the most unique, and prolific up-and-coming producers hailing from Southern California’s Inland Empire (IE), comprised of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Pulling influence from legendary Hip-Hop groups and producers such as Cypress Hill, Jedi Mind Tricks and Adrian Younge; Accosta the Man has incorporated his love for Horror, Exploitation and rare cinema into his music to create a unique tapestry of sounds and obscure samples. Crafting dark, moody sonic collages that have set his production apart from the standard run-of-the-mill West Coast-centric production created in much of Southern California’s local Hip-Hop scenes. Having produced for groups and artists such as Kozmik Force, Nvy Jonez LKR, D-Rell, Chop the Father and a slew of beat tapes; the the Riverside-based producer has quickly made a name for himself with his dark production and keen ear for left-field samples.

Accosta the Made made his first appearance on Step Off! Radio to discuss the inspirations behind his music, growing up as a Hip-Hop and Horror movies lover, and the backstory behind some of his favorite songs. Likewise, we also got to discuss upcoming projects and what the future holds for Accosta’s music. With that said, we are proud to present to you our conversation with Accosta the Man.

Featured below is our full interview with Accosta the Man available through our official SoundCloud page. You can listen and subscribe to Step Off! Radio on your preferred podcast streaming service by visiting our Podcast page. You can follow Accosta on his social media account on Instagram. Please be sure to rate and review the show!

Accosta the Man’s music is available now to stream on SpotifyApple Music YouTube and BandCamp.


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