‘Brave Enough to Resist’ Step Off! Radio: The Radical History Club Episode With Stacey Uy

For most of the nation’s existence a majority of U.S. history has been told through the narrow and exclusionary lens of “American exceptionalism.” A distortion of our historical record where historians have crafted a one-dimensional, Eurocentric narrative that has presented historical figures and events in ways that were always framed in the most heroic of fashions. These narratives have routinely been to whitewash events and historical figures alike while conversely excluding others.

In recent years a handful of innovative historians and educators have forged ahead by publishing bold, new texts that seek to remove the veil of mythology that has long been draped over the U.S.’s brutal history. Among this new wave of progressive historians is the Radical History Club, a publication based in San Diego, California, that produces a series of illustrated decolonized history zines that detail long-neglected areas of U.S. social history, focusing on the experiences of BIPOC, women, and other marginalized communities. Founded in 2019, Radical History Club is the brainchild of graphic designer Stacey Uy, who researches, writes, and illustrates the series. Uy’s mission for Radical History Club is to decolonize our perspective of U.S. history. To unsettle capitalist, colonizer perspectives of U.S. history and refocus our understanding of the U.S. narrative through the lens of oppressed and marginalized communities. 

In our latest installment of Step Off! Radio, and our first show of 2021, we talk with Stacey exploring her role as the founder, researcher, writer, and illustrator of the Radical History Club, the history of the series itself, and what drove her to create it. Likewise, we also discuss the importance of curating curriculum for students and researchers that not only challenges much of the mythology that has long been passed for historical fact, but challenging said narratives and replacing them with more accurate accounts by communities that have traditionally been marginalized and had their perspective erased from U.S. history books. With that said, we here at Step Off! Radio hope that you all enjoy our discussion with Stacey Uy of Radical History Club.

Featured below is our full interview with Stacey Uy available through our official SoundCloud page.  You can listen and subscribe to our Step Off! Radio on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast, and Stitcher. Please be sure to rate and review the show!


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