‘Ambition In Transition’ Step Off! Radio: The Juan Carlos Lozano Episode

In our latest installment of Step Off! Radio, for our final show of summer 2020 we interview San Diego based musician, entrepreneur, and community organizer based Juan Carlos Lozano. For the past several years he has organized in San Diego as a member of Unión del Barrio and in our conversation we had the chance to discuss his background as a community organizer, as well as little about his backstory growing here in San Diego, and how the legacy of the U.S./Mexico has had a direct impact not just on his family but has played a key central part in his activism. Losing his father to self-deportation after living on the U.S. for over thirty years. Likewise, we were also able to discuss his work as a musician, and the release of his debut EP Ambition In Transition through his own imprint Nothing to Lose, Everything To Gain Records which dropped earlier this summer. As well as his experience hosting several podcasts, Village Voice Radio for People Over Profits SD and The Pablo Aceves podcast for Unión del Barrio, him embarking in other ventures like starting his own business PERSEVERANCE clothing, and even some of his thoughts on the 2020 presidential election.  I see Perseverance Clothing my entrepreneurial venture to support my musical endeavors. In short, Juan Carlos breaks down his creativity and vision of what the embodiment of the word Perseverance should be. Whether through organizing, music, or reinvesting in the community his work is a form of resistance against oppressive capitalist, colonial, imperialist violently imposed reality we live in. With that said, we here at Step Off! Radio hope that you all enjoy our discussion with Juan Carlos Lozano.

Featured below is our full interview with Juan Carlos Lozano. available through our official SoundCloud page. Apple and Spotify users can listen and subscribe to our Step Off! Radio podcast through the official Apple podcast and Spotify apps.


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