‘Fight For The Fiftieth’: Step Off! Radio The José Cortés Episode

7D22F4F2-92BA-4B53-B2A8-C35D959BB301In our latest installment of Step Off! Radio we interview former co-host José Cortés, who is running in California’s 50th Congressional District located in the southern portion of the state and includes much of San Diego County and portions of Riverside County. As a candidate running on the ballot for the Peace and Freedom Party of California, Cortés joins a crowded field of candidates which includes Democratic candidates Ammar Campa-Najjar and Marisa Calderon. Republican candidates Carl DeMaio, Darrell Issa, Brian Jones, and Nathan Wilkins, as well as Independent candidates Helen Horvath, Lucinda Jahn, and Henry Ota. Since 2016, José Cortés has been on the front lines of the fight against police brutality, concentration camps, and the exploitation of low-income tenants. He has helped organize for national liberation in Barrio Logan alongside Chicano Park defenders, he stands in solidarity with the struggle for socialism in Venezuela and Cuba, and he supports the right of self-determination and reparations for the people of Hawaii, Puerto Rico and all nations oppressed by U.S. imperialism and colonialism.

We had the chance to catch up with José, and discuss the campaign he and his team have been running in the fiftieth district, talk about what platforms he’s running on, what stances he would take as an elected member of Congress, discuss the nuances of running as a socialist candidate here in the United States. As well as discuss the unique challenges the campaign poses as the lone Chicano candidate in the race running in a district that historically has been a conservative stronghold and has not historically been known for any sort of progressive representation. We hope you guys enjoy the episode and hope that you guys keep rocking with us as we go into 2020 as well as our second year here on Step Off! Radio. We got a lot of really cool guests and new stories that we’re looking forward to telling here in 2020.

Featured below is our full interview with José Cortés available through our official SoundCloud page. Apple and Spotify users can listen and subscribe to the Step Off! Radio podcast through the official Apple podcast and Spotify app.

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