‘An Artist’s Duty’: Step Off! Radio The Digital Dust Mites Episode with Tall Can & Pawps the Medic

image-5Earlier this year we had the pleasure of talking with Tall Can, who you may remember from our second episode of the year back in February. Tall Can has once again returned to Step Off! Radio, this time as one-half of the duo Digital Dust Mites which consists of both Tall Can and Pawps the Medic; the group’s producer and DJ.  For the past several years since 2012, both Tall Can and Pawps have been producing their own unique brand of Hip-Hop as the Digital Dust Mites, recording dozens of songs, having amassed an extensive catalog of music for a variety of projects, albums, EP’s and singles. Tall Can and Pawps came on the show to talk about their brand new album the Lost Frequencies LP as well as discuss the humble origins of the group, the development of their unique sound, their thoughts on the current state of affairs regarding politics and social activism in Hip-Hop as well as their here experiences here in the local San Diego Hip-Hop scene and upcoming musical endeavors.

With that said, we are proud to present the eleventh episode of Step Off! Radio with Tall Can and Pawps the Medic aka Digital Dust Mites. You can listen to and download all of Digital Dust Mites music on both their SoundCloud and YouTube pages.

Featured below is our full interview with Digital Dust Mites available through our SoundCloud page. Apple users, can listen and subscribe to the Step Off! Radio podcast through iTunes and on the official podcast app. to get episodes directly on your Apple device.

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