‘God’ll Like These Bars’: Step Off! Radio The Real J. Wallace Episode

IMG_0779For more than a decade, Ramel Wallace, better know by his stage name Real J. Wallace has been a constant and tireless figure in the local San Diego Underground Hip-Hop scene. As a native born, self-taught San Diego artist, over the course of the past thirteen years Real J. Wallace has made the transition from the humble origins off an aspiring neighborhood freestyler to a prominent, local indie Hip-Hop innovator and finally into a celebrated and respected community leader. With his unique blend of classic Hip-Hop storytelling and eclectic production style incorporating jazz, soul and blues into his music, it goes without saying that Real J. Wallace has paved his own unique lane that sets him apart from nearly all of his musical peers in the greater San Diego area. With music showcasing his own sense of down to earth humility and cosmic spirituality; accompanied with soulful Golden era style production, through his music Real J. Wallace brings a unique perspective chronicling the vivid realities of the common man laced with the esoteric intricacies of the mysterious and the unexplored realms of our realities. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Real J. Wallace for a second time where we got discuss among other things; his experiences and inspirations from his early life and childhood, as well as the origins of his then fledgling music career. Likewise, we also got to discuss his latest projects in the works, his thoughts on the ever increasing threat of gentrification that threatens to lay siege on Barrio Logan and other communities across Southeast San Diego, the artistic movement currently blooming inside Barrio Logan, his latest position as a member on the board of the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art, as well as what the immediate future holds for him and his music.

With that said, we are proud to present the seventh episode of Step Off! Radio with Real J. Wallace. You can listen to and purchase all of Real J. Wallace’s music on both his SoundCloud, BandCamp and Spotify pages; as well as follow his social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Featured below is our full interview with Real J. Wallace available through our SoundCloud page. Apple users can also listen to episodes via the Podcast app, be sure to subscribe to the Step Off! Radio podcast to get episodes directly on your Apple device.


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