‘The Art of Bouncing Back’: Step Off! Radio The Tall Can Episode

IMG_0510In the burgeoning, yet often overlooked Hip-Hop scene of San Diego perhaps, no voice is as unique and drive as dedicated as that of Jesse Cannon; better known professionally by his stage name Tall Can. For the past several years Tall Can has been producing his own unique brand of Hip-Hop, cross-pollinating genres, collaborating with producers from all over the world and releasing a string of dozens of projects, albums and EP’s in his wake. Over the years, Tall Can has amassed a unique, extensive catalog of music quite unlike anything else produced by his musical contemporaries here in San Diego and the greater art scene of the surrounding border region. For this episode of Step Off! Radio, we had the opportunity to sit down with Tall Can. Among other things we got to discuss not only the details of his early life, but the origins of his rap career, the details surrounding his initial entry into first making music, as well as an exclusive preview into some upcoming projects. Likewise, we also took the time to discuss Tall Can’s work in local anti-fascist organizing and his volunteer work for the community police oversight collective ‘Cop Watch’ here in San Diego. In a fascinating exploration, we delve into how community defense plays into the larger picture of building revolution and protecting our communities from right-wing extremists, agents of the state & other provocateurs who wish to harm to marginalized and vulnerable communities.

With that said, we are proud to present the sixth episode of Step Off! Radio with Tall Can. You can listen to and purchase all of Tall Can’s music on both his SoundCloud and BandCamp pages.

Featured below is our full interview with Tall Can available through our SoundCloud page. Apple users, be sure to subscribe to the Step Off! Radio podcast on the official podcast app. to get episodes directly on your Apple device.


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