‘What The Future Holds’: Step Off! Radio The Blame One Episode

12071151_1528064187485246_1350010978_nIf there was one word that could perhaps best describe Blame One it would probably be Versatility. Throughout the years Blame One has donned quite a variety of different hats throughout the span of his extensive and at times rocky music career. As an emcee, graffiti writer and B-boy the North county Hip-Hop artist has more than earned the well deserved status as an elder statesmen and icon in the local San Diego Hip-Hop scene. Over the course of his illustrious 33 year career as an emcee, Blame One has released six solo albums, several EP’s, been part of various groups and collectives and has appeared on a myriad of songs and rare cuts in other artists catalogs. With this tireless and unrelenting work ethic his catalog quite literally speaks for itself, epitomizing the tenants of perseverance and longevity in the rap game. His latest album the The 34th Scroll with producer/emcee Veks is no exception and is the latest entry in this long and illustrious career of crafting thought provoking, well made, timeless Hip-Hop. For this episode of Step Off! Radio we traveled all the way up to North County, to the city of Vista, California to meet up with Blame Once once more. Among other things we discussed the origins of the album’s title, his back history and relationship to producer Veks, the significance of the project at this stage in his career, the possibility of a Mystery’s Extinction re-union as well as what the immediate future holds for Blame One and his music. For the sake of time, on our second interview we decided to focus on the present, particularly on The 34th Scroll. For a more comprehensive and in-depth exploration of Blame One’s history and backstory please check out our prior interview from 2017, ‘Grown Man Rap’

With that said, we are proud to present the fourth episode of Step Off! Radio with Blame One. The 34th Scroll with Blame One and Veks is available now for purchase and to stream on all major streaming platforms.

Featured below is our full interview with Blame One as well as an audio video for the song ‘Frontin’ Foes’ off The 34th Scroll. Apple users, be sure to subscribe to the Step Off! Radio podcast on the official podcast app. to get episodes directly on your Apple device.


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