‘Kill The Colonizer Inside Your Mind’: Step Off! Radio Podcast Pilot Episode With Kozmik Force


Dear readers, we apologize for the lapse in coverage but, for the past several months we have been busy at work preparing to unveil our publication’s latest endeavor for the world to hear. For 2018, we’ve decided to broaden our horizons and expand our platform to also include audio interviews in the form of our brand new podcast series Step Off! Radio. Here, along with our regular content we will continue to conduct long-format interviews with artists, activists, community leaders as well as offer up commentary and insight on the state of the music, culture, politics and other current events relating to social justice through that of a Hip-Hop lens. With that said, we are proud to present our first inaugural episode of Step Off! Radio with Hip-Hop duo Kozmik Force.

Hip-Hop, since it’s in inception in the early 1970’s as a hyper localized phenomenon in the neglected and impoverished confines of the inner-city communities of New York City has always functioned as a means to speak truth to power. Music of the streets, eternally the pulse of the people, the art form has served as a invaluable platform and lent a voice to those who feel that they are voiceless. However, nearly forty years after the art form’s humble inception in the darkest corners of NYC; Indigenous communities, perhaps one if not the the most marginalized of all communities in the Americas still finds itself largely underrepresented in what is arguably one of the most influential musical genres and far reaching global cultural movements of the last fifty years.

Challenging this notion however is Kozmik Force, a Hip-Hop duo comprised of rappers Jaguar and Bomb Threat who hail from the San Bernardino region of Southern California. One of few artists who actively confront the myriad of lies and misinformation that have been woven into the fabric of U.S. mythology and other nations throughout the two American continents perpetuated under past colonialism. Kozmik Force core ethics are rooted in fostering pan-Indigenous unity across the American diaspora, pro-Chicano philosophy, militant decolonization, and the vested interest of confronting and dismantling white supremacy in all its forms and manifestations through their music and activism. Garnering a loyal and dedicated following online, Kozmik Force has quickly risen to the title of being one of the prominent spiritual torch bearers at the forefront of Indigenous resistance through music in the face of neo-colonialism in the 21st century. During our talk Jag and Threat discuss Kozmik Force’s origins, activism through music, their debut mixtape War Cry, future projects, decolonization & Indigenous resistance/liberation across the America’s in the age of Trump.

Featured below is our full interview with Kozmik Force as well as several videos  accompanying songs featured on their mixtape War Cry available now.

Kozmik Force- New Start

Kozmik Force- Takin’ Heads

Kozmik Force- Behind Enemy Lines


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